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Download PDF CSC Show Control v3 User Guide [3.5Mb]
Download PDF CSC Show Control v3 Quick Start Guide [1.0Mb]
Download PDF Example: Click Tracks Using CSC [2.5Mb]


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  1. Can I run CSC on my laptop?
  2. What Sound Card do I need to use with CSC?
  3. What licensing options are availble to me?
  4. Is it possible to transfer shows between computers with CSC?
  5. Can I remote control CSC?
  6. What sort of Audio Files can CSC Play?
  7. I have an old machine - Do I have to have Windows XP to run CSC?
  8. My Hotscene keyboard shortcuts dont always work. Whats wrong?
  9. Windows Vista/7/8?


Known Issues

We are continually developing this software, and as its range of applications is so extensive it is impossible to test it in every scenario. Whilst we try our best to resolve any problems before a release, if you do find a bug please report it to us at bugs@ctrelectronics.co.uk stating exactly which version of the software you are using.

CSC 2.3.x

CSC 2.5.x


General Issues