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CSC Show Control
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CSC is available to download from this page. The Full install will install a fully operational version of the program. Once complete, you have the option to run the CSC FREE version, or the full version demo - the only limitation is that saving is disabled. In order to save full shows you must purchase a license file. Full details are available on the Purchase Page.

Latest Version: 3.4.1

Download CSC Full Install v3.4.1 CSC Full Install v3.4.1 [10.3Mb] - November 17 2019

Older Versions

Download CSC Full Install v3.3.3 CSC Full Install v3.3.3.3 [10.1Mb] - March 25 2018
Download CSC Full Install v3.3.2.5 CSC Full Install v3.3.2.5 [9.7Mb] - May 28 2016
Download CSC Full Install v3.2.1 CSC Full Install v3.2.1 [9.5Mb] - November 22 2012
Download CSC Full Install v2.5.4.3 CSC Full Install v2.5.4.3 [7.4Mb] - April 22 2010
Download CSC Full v2.4.2.1 CSC Full Install v2.4.2.1 [4.9Mb] - September 30 2007
Download CSC Full install v2.3.1.2 CSC Full install v2.3.1.2 [6.0Mb] - December 13 2006
Download CSC Full Install v2.2.1.2 CSC Full Install v2.2.1.2 [5.7Mb] - June 12 2006


Korg NanoKONTROL CSC Control Set Korg NanoKONTROL CSC Control Set
TouchOSC Template for CSC Remote Control TouchOSC Template for CSC Remote Control

Recent Changes

Updates in this release - CSC 3.4.1

Updates in this release - CSC