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CSC Show Control Learning Zone
  1. Overview Series Videos
  2. Walkthrough Series Videos


The Overview Tutorial Series introduces new users of CSC Show Control to the software, covering many aspects of workflow, functionality and design process.
This is the recommended starting point for learning how to use the software.


CSC Show Control Overview Tutorial Series:
01 Introduction and Workflow

In this tutorial, learn about the principles of workflow within the software, understand the workspace and menu system, take a look at the cuelist and see how individual cues work together to build a show.

CSC Show Control Overview Tutorial Series:
02 Audio Playback and Adjustment

In this tutorial, learn about the capabilities of CSC's audio engine, understand how to program a show from simple sound effects to large multitrack playback, as well as meet the tools that make the job faster, easier and let you focus on the design rather than the technical aspects.

CSC Show Control Overview Tutorial Series:
03 MIDI and Comms/Network

In this tutorial, learn how to work with MIDI using standard channel messages, MIDI Machine Control, MIDI Show Control, System Exclusive and create timed sequences as well as control external devices using the PC comm port and send network messages such as telnet or OSC.

CSC Show Control Overview Tutorial Series:
04 Interaction and External Control

In this tutorial, learn about other methods of controlling the software, both internally such as the touchscreen friendly Hot Scenes and externally using MIDI and network commands. Understand how to split operation between a main and secondary events lists, and see ways of automating cues to fire at times of day.


If you are unable to view the videos above, please follow this link to the playlist directly on YouTube.