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A small selection of past and present shows all using CSC as their live performance show control solution. Feel free to let us know what you're using CSC for!


Berlin Berlin

Glamour, Jazz and Absinthe

A city that never sleeps and the hot spot of the Roaring Twenties - arguably the most exciting decade of the 20th century . Berlin is full of contrasts: glamour, luxury and exuberant lust for life on the one hand, unemployment, malnutrition and narrow rental barracks on the other. In clubs, night bars and cabarets you can go through the nights to jazz, swing and Charleston. BERLIN BERLIN throws itself with skin and hair into the wild vortex of a dizzying time, on a seductive sparkling journey through time and experience the sparkling lifestyle of the golden 20s up close! CSC is in charge of sound effects and click tracks, remotely fired via macros from the Digico SD7. https://www.berlinberlin-show.com


To Be a Somebody at Westerberg

Welcome to Westerberg High, where Veronica Sawyer is just another of the nobodies dreaming of a better day. But when she's unexpectedly taken under the wings of the three beautiful and impossibly cruel Heathers, her dreams of popularity finally start to come true. Until JD turns up, the mysterious teen rebel who teaches her that it might kill to be a nobody, but it's murder being a somebody... Playing in Londons West End at the Haymarket after a transfer from The Other Palace, and due for UK tour later this year, CSC is heavily involved in keeping the show together, a dual system running sound effects, click tracks, distributing SMPTE and firing MSC to lighting. https://heathersthemusical.com/

Cat and the Canary

Who Will Inherit the family Jewels?

Twenty years after the death of Mr. West, his descendants gather at a remote mansion to learn who will inherit his vast wealth and the hidden family jewels. When the heir is revealed, the heritage hunters turn into prey and a chain of macabre events is set in motion. Will the heirs dare to face the haunting presence toying with them? Observing from the wings, a dual CSC system takes care of all things sound, fully programmed for a DSM operated show with MIDI cues for reverb and mic changes on the QL1 as well as sending MSC to keep the lightning and thunder perfectly in sync for the ultimate suspense. https://www.kenwright.com/portfolio/the-cat-and-the-canary/

Ten Times Table

Ayckbourn's Committee from Hell

...And a 'fete' worse than death. In the long-since 'grand' ballroom of the local Swan Hotel, a most miscellaneous assemblage gather to conduct the business of the Pendon Folk Festival, led by excitable chairman Ray. Unfortunately, for Ray, his calamitous committee quickly divides, as his wife Helen has a bone to pick. Add a Marxist schoolteacher, a military dog-breeder and an octogenarian secretary, and the table is set for one of comedy master Ayckbourn's most hilarious plays - a tumultuous comedy by committee. A dual switching CSC is onboard for the ride providing sound effects to complement the action. https://www.kenwright.com/portfolio/ten-times-table/

High Fidelity

Rare Vinyl and The Girlfriend

Rob is the thirty-something owner of a London record shop who's mastered the art of finding rare vinyl and losing girlfriends. Laura just dumped him, and Rob is totally moving on. Hopefully. Well, there's a chance it could still work out! Could Laura actually be 'the one'? Might this turn out to be one of the Top 5 Most Romantic Comebacks Ever?! Running for a limited time at the newly opened Turbine theatre under the arches in London's Battersea, a dual CSC system is running next to a Digico SD10 providing all things playback. https://www.theturbinetheatre.com/whats-on/High-Fidelity

El Medico

The Physician Comes to Madrid

Inspired by the famous novel "The Physician" by Noah Gordon, El Medico allows the audience to experience Rob J's adventure from a dark London in the 11th century, crossing the continent to become a physician whos life changes when he finds out he has the extraordinary gift of predicting people death. Staged in the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in the heart of Madrid, Robs journey is brought to life in an epic show with 33 actors accompanied by the biggest theatre orchestra in Spain. Based around an Avid Venue mixing console with D&B PA, a dual CSC system is in charge of click, sound effects and MIDI duties. Sound design by Olly Steel for Orbital. https://elmedicomusical.com/en/



Starring the late Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, the movie Ghost was the highest grossing film of 1990 and won an Oscar for screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin who has adpated his screenplay for a stage version. Following the same story as the iconic movie, the musical features the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody alongside many terrific songs co-written by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart. With detailed and textured atmospheres, sound design by Dan Samson for the current UK tour takes advantage of CSC's multitracking and sound layering abilities as well as running orchestral click tracks. http://www.kenwright.com/theatre/ghost-the-musical/

Saturday Night Fever

Stayin' Alive!

Some 40 years on since its UK cinema release, Saturday Night Fever is once brought back to life on the stage, spectuacularly reimagined in a big new music and dance extravaganza. Following the life of Tony Manero, played by Casuatly Star Richard Winsor, Saturday Night Fever tells the story of how one man tries to escape the harsh realities of working-class Brooklyn life, emabarking on a reckless yet thrilling road to dancing success. Sound design by Dan Samson features a CSC 3.4 system in charge of the large number of click track stems and sound effects. http://www.kenwright.com/theatre/saturday-night-fever/


Three Operas in One Evening

Watching 3 operas in one evening with 2 intervals for stops at the bar may seem like a tall order but not with an evening out with the cleverly conceived Trioperas. Three classic operas are condensed back to back and staged one after another with a modern flavour to each. Turandot, Carmen and Butterfly are all given a unique twist and audiences can enjoy a translated score for the most part. Live orchestra, supported by studio based click tracks, radio mics and a large dynamic range made for a challenging sound requirements. With the large number of click track stems and additional spot sound effects, a dual CSC 3.4 system was chosen to ensure a solid playback performance benefitting from the additional players and outputs the new version offers, essential to this production. Sound design by Chris Whybrow. https://www.trioperas.com/


The Ordinary Girl from Liverpool

Adapted from the succesful ITV television series, Cilla tells the extraordinary story of the ordinary girl from Liverpool whose teenage dreams of stardom lead her to becoming one of Britain's best-loved entertainers of all time. It's an introduction by a young John Lennon to music mogul Brian Epstein that changes Priscilla White's life forever. By the age of just 25 she would be known as singer and TV Star Cilla Black, Number One selling artist and at the forefront of the Brit-Pop music scene. The musical score is the ultimate soundtrack to the 60's. A dual CSC system works with the Digico SD10 FOH to provide click tracks and sound effects to keep the hits rolling.https://www.kenwright.com/portfolio/cilla-the-musical/


Not Guilty!

Murder, greed, corruption, exploitation, adultery and treachery... all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts... Based on real life events back in the roaring 1920s, nightclub singer Roxie Hart shoots her lover and along with cell block rival, double-murderess Velma Kelly, they fight to keep from death row with the help of smooth talking lawyer, Billy Flynn. The legendary musical is on tour again in the UK, with continued sound design input from verteran designer Rick Clarke who has been involved with the show since 1998. A CSC control system is in place keeping the Yamaha CL5 in the correct cue and as well as click track playback duties. http://chicagothemusical.com/index.php

War of the Worlds

A Million to One they said!

Returning to Londons West End for its world stage premiere is Jeff Wayne's musical version of the War of the Worlds. Amongst 3D visions of Liam Neeson as the journalist, the iconic Martian Flighting Machine, special video and audio effects, is the live orchestra conducted by Jeff Wayne himself. An intense surround aural experience, sound design is by Dan Samson and features a CSC system for control and sound effect duties as well as a dual Pro Tools systems accompanying the live on stage orchestra. .http://www.kenwright.com/microsite/war-of-the-worlds/

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Rockin' Prospero back for 25 year Anniversary

Celebrating 25 years, its back off into space to visit the enchanting planet created by Prospero in this lively and fun rock 'n' roll show. Packed with feel good classics such as Young Girk, Good Vibrations, Great Balls of Fire and GLORIA, the show also boats stunning special effects and graet cast of actor musicians. On board is a dual CSC system, effectively performing sampler duties, with many special musical effects fired by MIDI keyboard from the stage, taking advantage of CSCs low latency audio playback system, as well as a Yamaha CL5 console and Flare Audio speaker system. Design by Ben Harrison.http://forbiddenplanetreturns.com/

Jesus Christ Superstar

Heaven on their Minds for 2015

Jesus Christ Superstar exploded onto the musical scene in 1971 - stunning audiences and changing the face of musical theatre forever. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera tells the story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus through an extraordinary, groundbreaking score. As compelling today as it was at its inception over forty years ago, Jesus Christ Superstar has some of musical theatre's most legendary songs from I Don't Know How to Love Him, Everything's Alright, and Gethsemane through to, of course, Superstar. Sound design for BKL is by Dan Samson and a dual CSC playback system is in place for sound effects and click tracks, completing the full sounding orchestral score.http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=1434

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive...with a bit of help from CSC

One of the greatest musicals of all time returns to the stage in a magnificent new production to enchant and enthral the young and the young at heart. The unforgettable score features some of the most memorable songs ever performed on stage, including 'Edelweiss', 'My Favorite Things', 'Do-Re-Mi', 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain', and of course, the title song - 'The Sound of Music'. A dual-redundant CSC system is in place for all things sound effect and click track based, alongside a Digico SD10 mixing console. Design by Dan Samson.http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=1438


Soul at the Shaftesbury

Inspired by true events from the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis follows the fame and forbidden love of a pioneering radio DJ who wants to change the world by becoming the first to play the great black music of the early ’50s to an eager young white audience, and a club singer who is ready for her big break. Sound design by Gareth Owen.http://www.memphisthemusical.com/

I Cant Sing

Saturday Night TV brought to the Stage

Going 'behind the microphones and under the judges’ desks to reveal big bust-ups, huge voices and the cutest young love story the West End has ever seen', I Cant Sing is the X-Factor based musical written by Harry Hill. Nestled in the very impressive (and demonstrating how we are very much a digital world now) FOH setup is dual redundant CSC Control system, in charge of desk and sound effects control duties. Last reprorts from site implied there were more CSC cues than LX cues! Sound design by Gareth Owen. http://www.icantsingthemusical.com/


Fame finds its feet in 2014

Back again for a new 2014 UK tour, Bill Kenwrights new revamp of Fame has been reworked to fit with the times. Music has been updated to reflect the current trends in pop music, with almost dub-step style breakdowns in the impressive 'Dancin' on the Sidewalk' dancebreak. Sound was a heavy part of the new production, and 2 dual redundant CSC systems are in place, 1 for surround sound sound effects, and the other a 24-channel playback system for additional click tracks. CSC's timeline made rehearsal period much quicker when click tracks needed a quick trim off the beginning or starting later into the track. Some tracks consisted of 32 audio stem files, so a fast playback system was a must. FOH control is a Digico SD10 and PA is d&B. Sound design by Dan Samson.http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=1361

Happy Days

The Fonz takes to the Stage

Happy Days – A New Musical is written by Garry Marshall, the legendary creator of the television series, is here again with the premiere of a brand new UK tour based on the hit TV series, featuring the unforgettable 'King of Cool' Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzarelli. After following producer Amy trying to get the show off the ground in 'The Sound of Musicals' on UKs Channel 4, the show is now out on tour. FOH is based around a Yamaha CL5 mixing console, with a dual CSC system providing all other sound effects and control requirements. Sound design is by Ben Harrison.http://happydaysthemusical.com/

Robin Cousins' Ice

Ice Skating Redefined for a new Generation!

Olympic champion and head judge on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, Robin Cousins has hand-picked the greatest ice skaters from around the globe to bring his incredible new production to life. Dynamic and atmospheric Robin Cousins’ ICE will draw you into its unique world, where world class skaters glide, soar, flip and fly in a truly theatrical setting. ICE features a powerful soundtrack of original music and reworked modern classics designed to delight and enthrall. With no live band, a dual CSC system is providing all musical accompaniment via multi-track playback fired and mixed by the operator. http://www.robincousinsice.com/

Let it Be

Beatlemania is back!

Having been seen by over 500,000 people, the smash hit West End production of the Beatles show LET IT BE is now embarking on a tour of the UK and Ireland, starting at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, on 28 February 2014. LET IT BE showcases the music of the world’s most successful rock’n’roll band, in a spectacular theatrical concert charting the band’s meteoric rise from their humble beginnings in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the height of Beatlemania, to their later studio masterpieces. Added to the tour after finding its uses on the New York production, a dual CSC system complements the Avid Venue mixing system to relive a night out with the Beatles.

Barking in Essex

Welcome to the criminal blunder-world!

Freedom finally beckons for delinquent villain Algie Packer. He’s done seven years inside and now he’s coming home to spend his carefully stashed cash – ?3.5 million in untraceable notes. But there’s something Algie’s family has forgotten to mention… Starring Lee Evans, Sheila Hancock, Karl Johnson and Montserrat Lombard, Barking In Essex is a riotously funny new comedy set in the 'criminal blunder-world'. A remote controlled, dual redundant CSC system is in place for all things sound related. Sound design by Gareth Owen.http://www.barkinginessex.co.uk/

Blood Brothers

The Story of the Johnstone twins continues to Tour

Having completed over 24 years in Londons West End, Blood Brothers is one of the longest running musicals, and can usually be found somewhere in the country. The story is a contemporary nature and nurture plot, revolving around fraternal twins who were separated at birth. The twins' different backgrounds take them to opposite ends of the social spectrum, and ultimately to a tragic end. Following on from its 2012 closure at the Phoenix Theatre in London, the UK tour has had some musical updates and subsequentally the inclusion of a CSC playback system for Sound Effects and additional Click Tracks. http://www.midnighttango.co.uk/

Dreamboats and Peticoats

Its back to the Golden Era and the Birth of Pop!

Dreamboats and Petticoats is written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, the team behind Goodnight Sweetheart, Birds of a Feather, The New Statesmen and Shine On Harvey Moon, and features classic tracks from Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Eddie Cochran, Billy Fury, and many more, including Let’s Dance, To Know Him Is To Love Him, Shaking All Over, Bobby’s Girl, Little Town Flirt, Only Sixteen, Runaround Sue, Happy Birthday Sweet 16, Let It Be Me, Great Pretender, C’mon Everybody, Let’s Twist Again and many more hits from music’s golden era! A CSC playback system complements the sound setup for music playback and sound effects duties. http://www.dreamboatsandpetticoats.com/

Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain makes a Splash on Tour

Direct from the West End, this superbly enjoyable production of Singin’ in the Rain is a smash hit with critics and audiences alike. It tells the story of the first Hollywood musical, when the silver screen found its voice and left silent movies – and some of its stars – behind. This spectacular show is packed full of the charm, romance, comedy and tinseltown glamour of one the world’s best loved movies and features all the songs from the glorious MGM score including Good Morning, Make ‘em Laugh, Moses Supposes and the classic Singin’ in the Rain. A dual CSC systems sits alongside an Avid venue mixing system to perform sound effects and click track duties as well as master MIDI control.http://www.singinintherain.co.uk/

Carnaby Street

Taking Londons Fashionable Street on Tour

Carnaby Street is a stunning new musical, set against the backdrop of London's West End in the Sixties, the famous clubs, trendy fashions and eccentric characters, at a time full of hope and freedom, when the world is changing and anything seems possible. A fabulous celebration of the sixties, featuring the timeless music of The Beatles, Manfred Mann, The Animals, The Searchers, The Who and other great bands of the era. Sound design by Ben Harrison includes a Yamaha PM1D and dual CSC system for playback duties. http://www.carnabystreetthemusical.com/


Joseph and his brothers continue to tour UK

The Iconic show, 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' retells the Biblical story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colours, this magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including Those Canaan Days, Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door To Me. A dual redundant CSC system is on board for sound effects and click track duties.http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=637

Top Hat

CSC helps Olivier Nominated Sound Design in Londons West End

After a successful tour of the UK, the tap-dancing magic of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and Hollywood's golden age has been brought to Londons West End. Nominated for 7 Olivier awards, including Best Sound Design, the show is a celebration of 1930's song and dance, packed full of Irving Berlins Greatest Hits including "Top Hat", "Cheek to Cheek" and "Lets Face the Music and Dance". Sound design, by Gareth Owen, is based around an A-B speaker system and a Yamaha PM1D mixing system. Vast numbers of radio microphones are employed, including actors' tap shoes and special hat microphones, leaving the dual CSC system little time to rest keeping control of the desk scenes and effects changes, as well as click track playback and spot sound effects. Good luck to the show for the Oliver Awards!http://www.tophatonstage.com/

Royal Opera House

Not just plays and musicals: Opera with CSC

An iconic structure in Londons Convent Garden, the Royal Opera House continues its use of CSC to aid productions, such as the revival of Metamorphosis in the Linbury Theatre. CSC is being used to run 16-ch multi-track cues in a 12-ch PA setup plus 2 radio spot FX speakers. There are also 60 spot FX cues being triggered by the stage manager on a keyboard via MIDI triggers.http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/the-metamorphosis-by-arthur-pita

Starlight Express

CSC Powers Steam, Diesel and Electric

New for 2012, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express has been updated for another UK tour. With new orchestrations, arrangements and some new songs, the show continues its energetic pace on stage. Designed by Ben Harrison, the sound system includes 2 dual-CSC systems. One 24-output system lives in the pit, controlled by the MD to run the wealth of click tracks for the show - much of the new music requiring layers of electronic stabs and synth sounds in addition to the touring orchestra. A second 16-output system resides at FOH to provide sound effects and the famous "Voice of Control". This system is triggered by the DSM at side of stage and uses the new tRemote iPad based trigger list system.

End of the Rainbow

CSC on Broadway for Tony Nominated Sound Design

Focussing on the months leading up to her death in 1969, End of the Rainbow follows Judy Garland as she emabarks on a triumphant comeback. Following a Sydney premiere in 2005 and a UK West End run, this Broadway production at the Belasco Theatre features Tracie Bennetts "Electrifying Interpretation" of Judy Garland, with popular songs such as 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. Sound Design is by Gareth Owen and features an Avid Venue Mixing System, Sennheiser 3732 Microphones, D&B PA and a dual CSC system based on bootcamped MacMini computers and RME Fireface 800 interfaces. The show has been nominated for the 2012 Tony Awards for 'Best Sound Design of a Play' - Well done Gareth!

The Mousetrap

Worlds Longest Running show has refit with CSC

Now in its 60th year, the Mousetrap is the longest running show, of any kind, in the world. And for the last 34 years the show has lived in its current home at the St Martins theatre in Londons West End. Since then the show has seen many changes, not just actors, but even the set and technical aspects of the show have changed. Starting life using mechanical sound effects, then later phonograph, then reel to reel, then CD, and now finally computer, the show is consistently brought up to date. For this refit a new CSC playback system has been installed, and all the original sound effects cleaned up, as well as all-new atmospheres and music cues. Read the full story here.

Save the Last Dance for Me

Its 1963 and theres an Ice Cream Van and a US Air Force Base...

Its back to the 60s for another helping of nostalgic, feel good Rock n Roll classics, from the same team that brought Dreamboats and Petticoats to the West End and UK Touring venues. Following two teenage sisters through the summer of 1963 in the traditional seaside town of Lowestoft, everything changes for the girls when they are invited to a nearby US Air Force base for a dance, and soon young love and holiday romance is the backdrop for the non stop hits of Pomus and Shuman, among others, from this unique era of music. Aboard the trip is a dual CSC system replaying sound effects and click tracks throughout the production.

Midnight Tango

Tango Tour across the UK

After a sell-out run in Londons West End, Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace return to the stage and are joined by ten of the finest tango dancers in the world, accompanied by internationally renowned tango band Tango Siempre. A music and dance driven show, the sound system consisting of an Avid Profile mixing system is accompanied by a dual CSC system, providing MIDI control over the desk and scene recall as well as providing on-stage and spot sound effects via RME Fireface 800 interfaces. http://www.midnighttango.co.uk/


Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Internationally celebrated singer/songwriter Will Young and acclaimed actress Michelle Ryan make their musical theatre debuts in the hugely anticipated re-imagining of Rufus Norris’ double Olivier-award winning production of Cabaret. Following a National UK tour, and now at London's Savoy Theatre in the West End, Kander and Ebb’s landmark musical turns Weimar Berlin of 1931 into a dark and sexually charged haven of decadence, at the heart of which the legendary Sally Bowles performs at the infamous Kit Kat Klub. Sound Design by Ben Harrison employs a dual CSC system for sound effects and click track playbacks duties.http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=873

Soul Sister

Simply the Best with CSC!

Direct from London's West End and now on a National UK tour, Soul Sister follows the highs and lows, passions and heartbreak, of Ike and Tina Turner as their careers soared and their marriage crumbled. Full of heart and soul, electrifying chorography, and stunning musical numbers such as "What's Love Got to do With It?", "Private Dancer" and "Simply the Best". Sound desing by Ben Harrison includes a D&B speaker system, Yamaha PM1D mixing and a dual CSC playback system. http://www.kenwright.com/index.php?id=1297

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Swims over to Europe

Now on stage in both Moscow and Utrecht, Disney's Little Mermaid takes to the stage in Europe. Controlled by a Digico SD7 in Russia and an Avid Venue system in The Netherlands, both productions include Shure Radio Microphone and D&B T10 speakers systems as well as dual CSC control and playback setups.http://musicals.nl/the-little-mermaid-home.asp

Sister Act

Sister Act opens in Milan and Tours the UK with CSC

Touring the UK from September 2011, Sister Act tells the story of disco diva Deloris Van Cartier who witnesses a murder and is placed in police protection in the one place the cops are sure she wont be found - a convent. The show follows Deloris and her antics as she tranforms the Convent choir, upsets the Mother Superior, and forms longlasting bonds with her newfound friends. Packed with funk, soul and disco style songs the show has proved a feel good outing for individuals and families alike. Sound designer Gareth Owen specc'ed a dual CSC system for the show, in a design replicated on both the UK tour and in Milan.

The Pitmen Painters

Mixing Coal and Art: The Evening Classes to change their Life

Following celebrated seasons at Newcastle Live Theatre, the National Theatre and on Broadway, Lee Hall’s The Pitmen Painters is now enjoying a West End season running in London's Duchess Theatre. The show is a humorous, deeply moving and timely look at art, class and politics, following a group of miners who hired a professor to teach an art appreciation evening class. Emerging as the best value playback solution for the production, Sound designer Martin Hogdson moved the current show to CSC and was impressed, with the new Timeline view and how quickly multitrack surround sound cues could be edited and manipulated on the fly, giving the audience a true sense of the miners day to day life before reverting back to their escape in art. http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/pitmen

3 Days in May

Was Giving up ever an option?

Warren Clarke returns to the stage for the first time in over a decade as Winston Churchill in the World Premiere of Ben Brown’s thrilling political drama. Now running at the Trafalgar Studios in Londons West End, Trafalgar Studios 1 is situated on Whitehall and in close proximity to both No.10 and the Cabinet War Room – right at the heart of where the action of the play took place, 70 years ago. Ben Brown’s gripping and fascinating portrayal takes us behind the doors of Number Ten during three of the most pivotal days in British history when, extraordinarily, giving in to Hitler was considered by some to be a viable option. Adding a slightly more modern element to the show, CSC is in place for Sound Effects, Scene Change music and atmospheres all easily controlled by the DSM.

Jekyll & Hyde

I'll Never Let You Go!

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, the stage version of Jekyll and Hyde opened on Broadway in 1997. Various tours have run since then, and the show is back for a 2011 tour featuring singer Marti Pellow. Sound design by Ben Harrison, includes a PM1D mixing console and a dual CSC system running Sound FX and Click Track Stems, many of which have as many as 16 audio tracks per song. Carefully designed machines with SSD drives ensure near-instant start of all tracks by the MD. The show’s production engineer, Dan Samson, commented “CSC has given us far more creative flexibility and reliability with Click Tracks and Sound FX than we ever had before, which, when coupled with its comprehensive, yet easy to use show control, has well and truly made this a product that will become as standard in theatre projects as the SM58 is to sound engineering.”


Where Music and Dancing has been banned!

Based on the 80s movie starring Kevin Bacon and Sarah Jessica Parker, the musical stage version of Footloose is back on tour for 2011. With anthems such as "Holding Out for a Hero" and "Lets Hear it for the Boy", as well as "Footloose", the show promises to be a great night full of singing and dancing. Sound System, designed by Gareth Owen, is based on a Digidesign Venue system, and for this production the Akai Samplers are retired in favour of a dual CSC3 System, running Click Track and Sound Effects. 2 MOTU 2408 audio interfaces are used to link into the Venue FOH rack, with MIDI generated via an F8 to fire click tracks from the pit. CSC is also used to recall the numerous desk patch changes. http://footloosethemusical.co.uk/

Strictly Come Dancing

Dancing on the Road for 2011

Back out on the road for 2011, the hugely popular Stictly Come Dancing format is once again giving live audiences the chance to add their votes to those of the celebrity judges in this fourth UK arena tour. The sound lineup involves a live band, click tracks, live microphones as well as various stings and pre-recorded beds. 2 Dual CSC3 systems have been specified for the tour - one at FOH for live effects and voice overs and one on stage to allow the MD to fire additional multi channel click tracks, complimenting the live musicians. A tracking system has been implemented to ensure the MD is always able to fire the tracks, even in the event of a computer failure. Sound system is supplied by Sonalyst. http://www.strictlycomedancinglive.com/

Pantomine Season 2010

Its Still behind you!

From Glasgow to Bristol, and Liverpool to Brighton - In its first major mass-outing, CSC3 was deployed on over 20 of the UKs major cities at the end of 2010 for the usual "Its behind you" season. With increased reliance on multi-channel click tracks, and faster integration of sound effects within the shows, CSC3 was a major bonus to those working on the shows. The beta timeline view and new default routing options allowed click tracks to be pieced together in a matter of seconds and start/stop and looping abilities allowed sound effects to be manipulated at speed without the need of jumping in and out of external editors, and even allowed for previously hard to craft cues such as Aladins heart speeding up on cue in the cave, with dripping water and voices all thrown into the mix for good measure....

Woman In Black

New Technology for the Woman still scaring audiences since 1989

With over 20 years in the West End, the Woman In Black has become one of Londons most sucessful and long running plays. In that time the sound system has seen many changes, with playback ranging from Vinyl to Reel to Reel to MiniDisc and now the transition to a computer based system. Replacing the 6 MiniDisc players is a dual CSC based computer system and an 01V96 mixing console. Originally redesigned for the UK tour earlier this year, the system now installed at the Fortune Theatre in the West End allows for consistent playback and more exciting surround sound effects, as well as an opportunity to clean up some of the original (and unique) sound effects. Other changes include new Tannoy V300 and EAW surround speakers as well as the shift to a DSM controlled show. Redesign by Gareth Owen, www.garethowensound.com


Helping the Leader of the People

Bill Kenwright's production of Evita continues to tour this year on to countries such as Greece, Italy and Germany as part of planned tour dates. The sound system has been redesigned for this leg of the journey and now includes a fully redundant CSC sound effect and click track playback system. Although touring a large band, the show still includes a large amount of click track material, all of which is triggered by the software's External Trigger List by the MD. Sound effects are fired by the sound operator using recessed buttons mounted in the shows Yamaha CS1D control surface. Touring a dual computer system vastly cuts down touring equipment requirements whilst retaining the backup and redundancy required by professional productions.


The 60s are back and the hair is big!

No stranger to working alongside the Digidesign Venue consoles, CSC is back on the road with the West End Production of Hairspray, having left its previous home on Shaftesbury Avenue earlier this year. Touring as a fully redundant system, CSC is in use controlling scenes on the desk using CSCs unique intelligent bank-program change control method allowing scenes greater than 128 to be recalled instantly using Program Changes as well as contributing to sound effects and click tracks.

Starlight Express

CSC - Great for Train Control Too!

The well known musical Starlight Express featuring singing and dancing racing trains has become a national tour in New Zealand. Featuring numerous voice overs by the young "Voice of Control", designers are always looking for a fast and simple method of programming and delivering these lines night after night. Designed primarily by Oceania audio in NZ, the team have adopted CSC to run on a dual computer system with a single custom built button for the operator to trigger the voice and associated sound effects. The rest of the system includes Yamaha PM5D consoles, Shure microphones and EV X-Line.

Beauty & the Beast

Less of a Beast to Tour

Back out again for another UK tour , UK Productions' Beauty and the Beast has seen a large change in the sound system. Once comprising of a large analogue mixing desk, dual multi-track playback machines for click track, samplers for sound effects and computers for desk control, designer Glen Beckley has reduced FOH down considerably, now only needing to load in a PM1D and 2 racks at mix position. A dual tracking CSC system has been chosen to replace all the sampler and hard disk playback systems, and is being used to replay the multi-channel click tracks started by the MD, control the desk scenes and fire the numerous sound effects within the show. Not only does the system provide imense power and flexibily but makes moves a lot easier for the touring crew!

British Council in Venice

Art in Venice

Demonstrating how versatile its applications can be, CSC has recently been installed in the British Pavillion for the 53rd Venice Biennale. Representing Britain is Steve McQueen and his specifically made film, Giardini. The film is split across 2 projection systems, syncronised together in a purpose built viewing area. The system is entirely controlled by CSC - including the lighting - using clock triggers to start the day off, telnet to talk to CTR's simple lighting controller and USB DMX interface, send Sony 9-pin protocol messages to start the 2 video servers, time the whole sequence to bring the lights back up at the end of the film and automatically schedule the next lighting and film sequence based on further clock triggers. All on a single laptop!.


The Sponge Who Could Fly!

Direct from America, the UK sees the new tour of SpongeBob Squarepants - The Sponge who could fly! Aimed primarily at kids, but with whitty punchlines and intriguing sets and models to keep any adult amused, the SpongeBob tour kicked off its first previews in Hackney, London. Officially opening in March at the Hammersmith Apollo, CSC has been placed in charge of controlling the many music tracks, sound effects and voice overs, as well as controlling the M7CL desk.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Fully in Charge During Panto Run

Becoming a firm standard in Pantomime production, CSCs use has being taken to new levels all over the country- in some cases being used to play back not only sound effects but also music tracks and control desk states. A rapid days training was all the shows operators needed to be up to speed with the software, inserting new sound effects and moving music cues around during rehearsals ready to be the sole sound source (apart from the actors voices, of course!) on opening night. The sense of live performance was retained by filling in the hotscene window with many spot sound effects and drum rolls to continue the standard "unrehearsed, unpredicted" comedy moments.

The Witches of Eastwick

CSC Continues Autumn Run of Shows

Still finding no time to rest, CSC continues to be used on both National Touring Productions and West End Installations. Recent shows include: Witches of Eastwick National Tour featuring Marti Pellow; Cant Smile Without You, the Barry Manilow musical with Chesney Hawkes; Rogers and Hammerstein's classic Carousel, soon to have a West End transfer;La Cage Aux Folles at the Playhouse in Londons West End; the creepy White Devil at the Chocolate Factory designed by Keith Hutchinson (probably the first 'officially known' person to use his iPod to control and programme CSC!); French and Saunders at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, filling in whilst Oliver fits up behind the scenes and Tons of Money, Alan Ayckbourn’s revised version of the famous Aldwych farce.

All the Fun of the Fair

Essex Brings Funfair to the Stage

Inspired by his debut Album, "All the Fun of the Fair", this new stage production sees David Essex starring as fairground owner Levi, and follows his life on the road amdist love triangles, motorcyles, dodgems and tragedy. An extensive soundscape created by Steve Jonas and Seb Frost, merged with pre-recorded music tracks for this 'band-less' performance required the use of a flexible playback system, and CSC has been chosen to do just this. The studio recorded tracks were mixed in 5.1 and transferred to a 16-channel ADAT based dual CSC system for surround sound playback in the live venues, and the software also used to control the outboard effects and Yamaha M7CL. PA is D&B Q Series and Radio microphone systems are Zaxcom digital. The results from such a small setup are extraordinary and could well be the shape of things to come.


CSC Controls "Maniac" and much more...

Its back to the 80's for another film to stage transition, and this time its the turn of Flashdance, the 1983 film following the life of Alex, a welder by day and aspiring dancer by night whos dream it is to win a place at the Shipley Dance Academy. With musical classics such as "She's a Maniac", "I love Rock & Roll" and many new songs written for the show, the system design had to deal with all types of musical genres from the quiet ballads to the all-out 80's sound. PA is D&B Q Series and the system is based around a Digidesign Venue mixing system. Zaxcom digital radio mics are in use on stage, and CSC is running on dual-redundant tracking PC systems with over 300 cues for the desk (using CSC's unique MIDI memory state command), outboard and 8-channel sound FX.

The Wedding Singer

From Film...To Broadway...To Manchester

The 1998 film "The Wedding Singer" has been reaching new audiences since its adaption for the stage. Opening first in Broadway, and now touring the UK, this new production has set numerous challenges for the sound department. With a touring sound crew of only 2 and no additional production engineer, the system had to be easy to move and set up. The show opened to the public at the Palace Theatre in Manchester and is set to tour many UK venues over the coming months. FOH consists of a Digidesign Venue console, with the "silent" band using the Venues PQ system for monitoring. There is also a heavy requirement of click track on the show. CSC has been chosen to run the multi-channel click tracks for the band, using the new trigger lists as control, as well as changing desk and reverb states and running the sound effects used throughout the show.

An Audience with the Mafia

Audience with the Mafia

Only a short run on Shaftesbury Avenue, CSC has been specified to run the sound for this new London production. The show provides a perfect time to fully roadtest CSC's trigger lists. According to the operator "The show contains a lot of AV material, but we had to be prepared for the loss of audio from the video feed. Every audio clip was loaded into CSC but not inlcuded as part of the cuelist. A button on the 8-way remote control was assigned to fire the triggerlist so I was ready at all times for audio loss. I always knew i was on the right point in the triggerlist due to the unique 'Advance list on failed entry' option, whereby if the audio had successfully run and I hadnt fired the trigger, it would move on automatically to cue up the next clip - A very useful feature not seen anywhere else".